Protect Your Brand with SSL

Protect yourself from attacks and data breaches with SSL

Nothing, in business, is more important than your reputation. A huge part of that is establishing trust. But it extends beyond just having the trust of your customers, you need to protect your brand or else you'll lose that trust just as quickly as you gained it. You've likely seen other companies suffer the kinds of attacks that damage reputations. Whether it's a high-profile data breach or some other kind of cyber-attack that brings them to their knees, these kinds of incidents have a major impact on their brands long-term.

You simply cannot afford to risk it. Fortunately, SSL can help to protect your brand and even to build it. Let's look at how.

SSL encrypts, it protects and it helps you to build your brand...

Align Yourself with Bigger Brands

There's a reason a company like Symantec enjoys the reputation that it does. For starters it's been around the web security world for a while and has historically released high quality products. But beyond that, it's used by some of the most high-profile companies in the world. And when you purchase a brand like Symantec and slap its site seal, with that DigiCert checkmark, on your website, you are aligning your brand with the big boys.

This may seem small, but it's quite major. Suddenly you're in the same breath as some of the largest companies in the world. It grants an air of legitimacy to your business because people know you're taking the same precautions – making the same investment in protecting their privacy – as some of the largest brands out there. What better way to separate yourself from the competition?

Bigger Brands

Proudly Display that Trust Seal

When you slap a site seal on your website, it does more than just align you with bigger brands though. It provides assurance. Suddenly your customers can look right at your site and know they're protected. These site seals have benefits beyond just that though. The most powerful trust seals, like Symantec and Comodo, can even boost your conversion rates. That's right, people are statistically more inclined to buy from you if they see one of those site seals displayed on your checkout page, or on your homepage.

This means that beyond the return on investment offered by the top-tier SSL/TLS Certificates – Extended Validation, in particular – you're building your business. Bigger revenues mean greater opportunity for growth and that in turn improves your brand and raises your profile.

What Exactly are Site Seals?

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Protect Yourself from Attacks with Encryption

A Man in the Middle attack, where someone intercepts data and either alters it or steals it, is just one of many ways that cybercriminals can affect your website and damage your brand. Fortunately, encryption helps to prevent attacks like these and keeps your – and your customers' – data safe. With an encrypted connection, all data sent between a computer and a web server – communication that would normally be out in the open – is protected with cryptography. This means that personal information, credit card numbers, etc. are no longer at risk of being stolen. It means nobody can fake being a user and exploit weaknesses in your site. It means you now have a greater degree of safety online.

Consumers appreciate it when you take the time to protect their information. And, quite obviously, they resent it when you let their information get compromised. Fortunately, SSL will keep you on their good side. It encrypts, it protects and it helps you to build your brand. We really do live in a day and age when you simply cannot afford not to have SSL.