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Here's why EV SSL Certificates build the most trust

There's just no beating the green address bar. Sure other levels of SSL Validation have trust indicators, a green HTTPS and padlock. But only Extended Validation SSL Certificates unlock the green address bar. And the benefits of this are undeniable. Did you know that according to a recent study by Tec-ED, 100% of the study's participants immediately noticed whether or not a website had the green address bar? 100%.

As we've said time and again here The SSL Store™, trust is the cornerstone of E-commerce. Heck, trust is the cornerstone of any business. Any website, too. You just aren't going to be able to accomplish your goals on the Internet if people don't trust you. It's that simple. And there's no better way to build trust than with EV SSL.

Research shows an EV SSL Certificate will pay for itself...

The Green Address Bar Means Go!

Across the entire Internet there are few trust indicators that have the power of the green address bar. According to that same Tec-ED study, 97% of the participants would feel comfortable giving their credit card information to a site with the green address bar. On the other hand, only 63% would feel comfortable giving that same information to a site without it.

Likewise, 93% of participants would prefer to do their online shopping on a site with the green address bar and 77% would hesitate to shop at a website without one.

We're talking about your bottom line here. Can you really afford to leave money on the table? The green address bar is absolute proof of identity online. It cannot be duplicated—cannot be faked. When a visitor arrives at your website and sees it, they know exactly who they're doing business with and they know that they're safe. The green address bar is authentication embodied.

The Green Address Bar Means Go

Getting the Green Address Bar

Here's a secret: it's not hard to obtain the green address bar. As long as you're a real business with your registration up to date it simply takes a couple of days and maybe a phone call. Simple.

Extended Validation requires your company to prove definitively that it's a legal entity operating in good faith in its local jurisdiction. Again, this doesn't require much work if you are indeed a real company. And the requirements are in place for your own good. It's weeding out the fakers and cybercriminals from the legitimate businesses. You are a legitimate business, so why not make the investment and reap all of the benefits SSL can offer?

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EV SSL is an Investment

We called EV SSL Certificates an investment because that's what they are. In addition to the boost they can give your company's reputation – after all, trust builds reputation – they can also improve your bottom line. That's why it's an investment, it will eventually pay for itself and then make you money on top of what you paid for it.

Research shows that companies employing EV SSL see a boost in conversions. Take for instance the British company Fitness Footware, which saw a 16.9% jump in sales after switching to EV and firing up the green address bar. Or the company iStyles, which saw a massive 28% increase. These are just two of the numerous examples of small and medium-sized businesses that saw their bottom lines swell after using EV SSL to authenticate themselves.

EV SSL is an Investment

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The Other Benefits of EV

In addition to boosting your customers' trust in your brand and seeing a substantial increase in conversions, EV SSL certificates also provide other benefits. For starters, EV certs come with the best site seals. These dynamic site seals are proven within the industry to increase trust even more, in addition to providing another increase in conversions. Symantec and Comodo both boasts incredibly powerful trust seals that have been shown, in numerous studies, to do just that. Simply feature the seal on your checkout and homepages and let them do the rest.

And if that's not enough, many EV certificates also come with other security features bundled along with them. This includes malware scanners and vulnerability assessments—tools you can use to make your site even safer. There really is no denying that EV SSL Certificates do the most to build trust and help your business' bottom line. It's worth the investment. Go green today!