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The industry's best – more than $35 million in partner revenue already generated

The SSL Store™ is the ONLY premium SSL service in the world. As the browser community pushes for a fully encrypted web, our reseller program remains the go-to platform for hosting companies and other IT service providers. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools necessary to help you deploy low-cost encryption to all of your clients while building in targeted upsell campaigns for more premium solutions to ensure you can profit from SSL.

This SSL reseller program allows you to sell and manage the world's most trusted SSL certificate brands without any contracts, commitments, or hassles of any kind – all at deeply-discounted wholesale prices with service that can't be matched! The list goes on...check out more reasons to join forces today:

  • It's completely FREE to join
  • We'll match any of our competitor's pricing
  • The most robust API in the industry
  • Specialized plugins for WHMCS, cPanel, Plesk, Blesta, and more
  • A pre-built, white label ecommerce SSL website
  • AutoInstall SSL® – a true industry revolution
  • More than $35 million of partner revenue generated
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Make Profit from SSL Reseller Program

Unbeatable Pricing

We understand. It's all about pricing. We simply buy SSL in extremely large quantities at deeply discounted bulk rates and we're able to pass those savings directly to you! Not only will you get the exact same certificates as if you were buying direct, our resellers have complete access to products up to 80% OFF of vendor advertised rates. See how you can save BIG! Learn More

Integrate with Us

As a Premium SSL Service, we go above and beyond our competitors, especially since we have a team of more than 60 professionals solely dedicated to SSL. One way we obliterate the competition is with our array of slick & nifty integration options. Our experienced developers have created a number of specialized plugins and other exclusive integration options, all designed to make management and provisioning of SSL as simple as possible. Our resellers get so much more than just access to great products, check out how you can easily tie SSL into your business and start profiting today. Learn More

SSL Integration
Capitalize on Industry Trends

Capitalize on Industry Trends

There has never been a better time to add SSL/TLS to your portfolio or refine your current offering. That's because the browser community has taken it upon themselves to encourage ALL sites to deploy encryption. "From actively warning users when they are on a standard HTTP site to giving a ranking boost to sites with SSL and everything in between" might be better suited, the message from the browsers is loud and clear: encrypt your site or get left behind. As it stands, about 96% of web servers are currently unencrypted. With such a large untapped market about to come calling, the question is, who will be there to service their demands? Learn More

Enablement Programs

These exclusive reseller programs do exactly as the name suggests: enable our resellers to sell more SSL. From a free EV to our famous Switch & Match Guarantee and more, our FREE Enablement Programs are yet another feature that distinguishes The SSL Store™ from the competition. We're constantly coming up with new ideas and turning them into an organized program so that our resellers can easily follow & benefit immediately. See what kind of programs we've got going on now. Learn More

EVforME Program
Support to SSL Reseller

Support from Actual Humans

As we mentioned earlier, we have more than 50 SSL experts working around the clock on SSL (and SSL only) so our resellers can truly reap the full benefits of this one-of-a-kind SSL service. It's easy for some of our competing companies that consist of a few guys working out of their basement to just slash prices, sell SSL for dirt cheap, and offer no support, no phone number, no marketing materials and really no help whatsoever when it arises...we don't believe in that one bit. Efficient SSL sales & management is much more than just selling a widget as cheap as you can. Learn More

How It Works

So, how exactly does our reseller program work? Since there are a few ways you can integrate with our system, it can work a little differently depending on where SSL fits into your business and what integration method you choose to use. This graphic should help give you a basic understanding of how the entire SSL relationship works as a reseller of The SSL Store™. Learn More

How Reseller Program work

AutoInstall SSL™

One thing that makes our Reseller Channel truly unique in the industry is AutoInstall SSL®. This revolutionary plugin, currently available for both cPanel and Plesk, takes virtually all of the tedious manual labor out of the SSL installation process. With AutoInstall SSL®, you or your customers will be able to install their SSL certificate(s) with just a few clicks of the mouse – and you’ll be able to make money while you sleep! Learn More

Why Choose Us?

To put it bluntly: because no other SSL provider offers the resources, staff, technology, and dedication to the craft that we have, period! We truly believe that our premium SSL service can be a huge boost to your business and we want to help you reach greater heights to earn your highest profit potential. So, not only do we provide you with the worlds' most recognized & trusted SSL certificates at great wholesale prices, we provide the support and infrastructure on the back-end that anyone truly needs to actual profit from SSL. Go ahead, read some more on why the search for an SSL partner stops here. Learn More

Why Choose US

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