Is Extended Validation (EV) SSL worth it?

In a word, yes. Extended Validation SSL Certificates are certainly worth it because it's tantamount to the highest level of trust a company can inspire in its website visitors. For as much as SSL is about encryption and authentication – and it is – it's ultimately more about providing consumers with the trust and confidence they need to do business with you.

EV Means Trust

Face it, we live in a time where everyone is worried about their own privacy and whether or not their personal information can be stolen. By now, most of your potential customers may have already had a negative experience with some other online company that didn't take security seriously. By taking the few extra steps to get an EV SSL, you're telling your potential customers that you actually care about their privacy and protecting their personal information. You're putting them first. And that in turn creates a level of trust that money usually can't buy.

It may seem subtle but its implications are profound. For as much as SSL is about security, it's more about trust. And extended validation SSL tells your website's visitors all they need to know about whether they should put their trust in you.

EV Pays for Itself

With EV SSL, you get to activate the increasingly popular green address bar and get to have a known and trusted third party security company vouch for your existence by way of including your verified company name and location in your certificate details. One swift click on your site seal will reveal your trustworthiness in real-time.

The more people trust you, the more they are likely to do business with you. That's a fact. The presence of an EV SSL has proven to increase conversions on websites.

You mean there is a potential for ROI and this certificate can pay for itself? Yes and yes! No other type of SSL or TLS certificate can do this.

More Information about Extended Validation SSL Certificates

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Are you ready to align your company with some of the biggest and best companies in the world who are already using EV SSL security? Then let's get started. Obtaining an EV SSL with our help is a breeze, because we've done all of the groundwork for you. Follow our lead to the Promised Land. We'll help make sure that everything goes smoothly while you go for green.