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Comodo CA is now Sectigo

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Comodo CA is now Sectigo! It's a bold new direction for one of the oldest Certificate Authorities in the industry. All the qualities that made Comodo the #1 commercial CA in the world form the foundation for Sectigo, but now with a renewed commitment towards innovative, cutting edge website security solutions and pioneering the next generation of digital certificates and PKI.

It's Pronounced Sec-TEE-Go

What's in a name? Quite a bit, actually. Following its acquisition by Francisco Partners one year ago Comodo CA has operated in the same space at the very company it budded off of—Comodo Group. This has led to confusion, especially at trade shows and with the media where having two different companies sharing such a distinctive name with just a subtle difference between them.

So, nearly one year from the day of Francisco Partner's acquisition, Comodo CA has become Sectigo.

"Comodo Group is going to continue with the company name it's always had. So, to get around this confusion, Comodo CA will be renaming itself [Sectigo]. We will actively communicate to the market that we are the same Certificate Authority they know as Comodo. Sites using Comodo certificates won't need to change anything as their existing certificates will continue to work and their Comodo roots will continue to be trusted."

-Tim Callan,
Senior Fellow, Sectigo

What can The SSL Store customers expect now that Comodo CA is Sectigo?

This is a brand shift, Sectigo branding will replace Comodo branding on Site Seals, it will replace the Comodo CA name on invoices, etc. But, from a technical standpoint nothing changes. Your Comodo CA SSL/TLS certificates, Email certificates, Code Signing certificates and CPACs will all remain valid, the roots they were issued off of will remain trusted. The validation and issuance process remains unchanged. Everything stays the same—except for the name.

Is The SSL Store already selling Sectigo SSL/TLS Certificates?

Hey, it's pronounced Sec-TEE-Go. And of course we're already selling Sectigo certificates. We're their biggest partner. We actually knew about the new name before they told us. We've had shiny new Sectigo SSL/TLS certificates in the back for weeks waiting for us to put them on the shelves. That's a joke. We don't have shelves.