Kimberly Barnard

VP Brand Strategy

Kimberly Barnard

Kim Barnard has the honor of coordinating efforts between the website designers and programmers, plus making sure the Retail, Enterprise and Partner divisions keep marching to the tune of our strategic plan and she doesn't even break a sweat.

She's one of those rare deep thinkers with an artistic flair. After completing programs at the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts and St. Petersburg College Graphic Design Technology Kim dedicated eight years to being a much sought-after freelance graphic artist and web designer where she mastered design both off and online.

As an added benefit she picked up direct experience in client relations and project management. Kim has an affinity for successfully leveraging technology to fuel business growth and is forever fascinated with how design influences consumer behavior.

Kim's embraces for all the outdoor activities the Sunshine State has to offer year-round and some of her favorites include beaching it, kayaking and biking. She gets daily inspiration from sidekick Leroy Brown, her frisky, fun-loving Chihuahua.