Gaurav Maniar

IT Manager

Gaurav ManiyarGaurav Maniar is a rare breed – a techie with real heart. Manuals and technology blogs that would have the average Joe snoring in nanoseconds are like oxygen to Gaurav. As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, a Microsoft Certified IT Professional and an ITILv3 Practitioner Gaurav knows his way around technology and how to keep it in humming on all cylinders. But he's just as passionate about helping clients make sure they have the right SSL Certificate and is always willing to lend a hand so installation goes smoothly. Contrary to popular belief, the web isn't just smoke and mirrors.

Gaurav just makes it look that way by ensuring that all the behind-the-scenes servers and infrastructure perform like clockwork. On weekends Gaurav manages to tear himself away from those riveting manuals to play with his daughter or read an interesting book.